The outline of Group

Corporate Number 0118-05-001998
Name of Group Nonprofit Organizations Nippon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Address Yokohama

Gist of Association

DogsWe aim at construction of a common society of mankind and animals by means of activities to protect animals from abuse, social education to love animals through an appropriate breeding ways and not to expose animals to unnecessary pain.

Five Articles

  1. Business to create a rescue system for abused animals as well as aiming at protection of the environment
  2. Business to promote social education to treasure lives and to carry out spread and enrichment of education
  3. Business to transfer the protected animals
  4. Business to execute necessary measures upon considering the contents of activities to prevent animal abuse
  5. Business necessary to achieve the association’s purpose

Your kindness and courage can save lives!
We ask your cooperation to participate as a NipponSPCA member to save animals'lives.

About Member recruitment

Review of 2009

Cat Due to slow movement for revision of animal welfare laws, our positive promotion lobbying the Japanese government, since June 2010, has seen revision of animal welfare law had started by the Ministry of the Environment.
Currently, we cooperate vigorously with the Ministry of Environment by offering various kinds of information as well as attending hearings.

The association’s activities to work upon mass-communication media, animal-culling problem have been widely reported by TV, magazines and websites has greatly contributed to appeal the necessity of legislative revision.

  • We now are in charge of articles of Dog Actually managed by NIFTY.
  • To eliminate animal-culling by ONE BRAND, we are now lecturing to appeal the necessity of legal revision.
  • Our association’s activities were greatly reported by PetPressJP.
  • We worked as lecturers at councilor organizations to prohibit cats-and-dogs culling centering on councilors of Democratic Party of Japan.

Member fees and donations are used preciously for our activities

  • Rescue activity and protection of dogs and other abused animals (Sterilization operation/Medical cost/Daily necessary goods/Rescue activity)
  • Enrichment fee to prevent animal abuse (Communication fee/Advertising fee/Pamphlet).
  • Activities to prevent animal abuse (Education/Seminar/ Symposium fee)
  • Activities to revise Animal Welfare Control Law (Signature activity/Seminar/ Coverage)
  • Fund to establish NippnSPCA Rescue Shelter
  • Support to animal welfare/protection groups

[The association sets audit system]
 Takahashi Accounting Office CPA Toshinori Takahashi

Member composition

Members of the Nonprofit Organizations Nippon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Omission of titles, inconsecutive)

Honorary member Director Audit
Yorihisa Matsuno
Yukio Ubukata
Seiko Noda
Eiko Okamoto
Kazuyoshi Katsumata Akiko Fujimura
(Representative Director)
Kenichi Fukumoto
Toshiyuki Takahashi
(Certified public accountant)

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Signature activity

NipponSPCA, the reviewing meeting, has been doing signature activity for the petition towards revision of animal welfare law. We are now receiving many signatures from across Japan!

Download of signature sheet

The contents of the petition are as follows

  1. the following restrictions for living pets are required.
    1. Basically restrict the sales of pets using means of advertising such as the Internet (including net auctions).
    2. Basically restrict the isolation from their mothers and sale of cats and dogs less than 8-weeks old.
    3. The exhibition hours of animals for sale should be within 8 hours a day and provide resting hours for pets as well as prohibiting exhibition and sale after 20:00 at night.
  2. Strengthening of registration cancellation system for animal sellers.
    By reinforcing standards of animal sellers they must obey and making easier the registration cancellation for animal sellers who violate the provided standards.
  3. Provision of standards for accommodation and disposal facilities for cats and dogs.
    In relation to governmental and private animal accommodation facilities, provision of facilities to secure the health and welfare of animals, breeding standards and standards for euthanasia without any pain will need to be established.
  4. Revision of recommendation and order
    1. Aim at strengthening of functions such as giving judicial police rights to animal welfare staff for dealing with cases of animal abuse and vicious animal sellers.
    2. Locating animal welfare promoting staff in local administration offices and aim at staff education by training as well as welfare activities.
  5. Revision about animal abuse
    1. Establishing a straight forward window for reporting and guidelines written clearly on the contents of animal abuse to strengthen standards for control of illegal actions.
    2. Include such manners as more than twice bringing animals to the culling facilities, neglecting sterile castration, abandonment of through-life breeding in the range of animal abuse.
    3. Establishing low- and high-limits of financial penalties for violations of law standards and the collected payments from fines will be used as the budget for protection of accommodated animals.
  6. Revision about information disclosure
    Establishing disclosure standards of animal accommodation facilities with the aim of nationwide standardization.
  7. Revision about experimental animals
    Introducing a register system for every institution to make grasping of "number of individuals, kinds" and "contents of experiment" easier.

Download of signature sheet

I submitted my signature

Presently, we send the voices of 86,000 persons who sent their signatures!

  • May 10, 2010
    We submitted 4000 signatures to Mr. Eiji Ozawa, the former minister of the Ministry of the Environment.
    Member:Christel Takigawa, Miyoko Asada
    » Blog of Christel Takigawa

  • August 19, 2010
    We submitted 2000 signatures to Councilor Ikuo Ubukata
    Rie Matsuzaki, Eri Minegishi, Yuki Iwabuchi

  • November 1, 2010
    We submitted 2000 signatures to Councilor Hideko Okamoto
    Member:Rie Matsuzaki

  • December 7, 2010
    We submitted 2000 signatures to Councilor Jyunko Mihara
    Member:Dewi Sukarno

  • January 11, 2010
    We submitted 1000 signatures to Councilor Fukushiro Nukaga
    Member:Erisa Narikawa
  • 額賀福志郎議員に1,000名分の署名を提出
    July 12, 2011
    We submitted 5000 signatures to Councilor Tsutomu Takamura

  • 額賀福志郎議員に1,000名分の署名を提出
    July 27, 2011
    We submitted 5000 signatures to Councilor Masashi Mito
  • 額賀福志郎議員に1,000名分の署名を提出
    August 26, 2011
    We submitted 10000 signatures to Councilor Tomoko Abe

  • 松野頼久議員に20,000名の署名を提出
    January 20, 2012
    We submitted 20000 signatures to Councilor Yorihisa matsuno